The Personal Property Auction Of Carrie Fisher And Debbie Reynolds

9/19/2017 Carrie Fisher Auction Profiles In History

The personal property auction of Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds will take place over a period of three days. It starts on Saturday, October 7, 2017 - 11:00 AM and continues on Sunday, October 8, 2017 - 11:00 AM and Monday, October 9, 2017 - 11:00 AM. The auction is organized by Profiles In History and the catalog of items includes a variety of Star Wars items and Star Wars action figures. The auction also includes fan-made cereal boxes from the collectors track at Star Wars Celebration V in 2010.

The images below include the estimated prices the items could sell for. You can compare the prices on Ebay here:

The Black Series Princess Leia 6"

George Lucas Stormtrooper

Star Wars Celebration V Cereal Set

Carrie Fisher Auction

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A Look At The First Order Stormtrooper Executioner From Hasbro's 6" The Black Series

9/19/2017 The Black Series Hasbro The Last Jedi

You can now find Hasbro's Target exclusive The Black Series 6" First Order Stormtrooper Executioner in the database. To learn more about the figure, please have a look at the database entry:

First Order Stormtrooper Executioner

First Order Stormtrooper Executioner

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Hascon 2017 - Press Images Of Up-Coming Star Wars Figures!

9/17/2017 Hascon The Black Series The Last Jedi

Hasbro has released official images of up-coming Star Wars action figures in the 3.75" The Last Jedi toy line, the 6" The Black Series toy line and the Vintage Collection for 2018. They also included hi-res images of the up-coming Black Series Darth Vader helmet! Have fun browsing around!

Hascon Star Wars

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Toy Run - The Star Wars Action Figure Cast - Episode 77

9/17/2017 Toy Run Podcast

On this week’s episode of Toy Run, Criz Bee and Jake Stevens discuss Hasbro’s own Hascon convention, go through the list of Star Wars action figure announcements and discuss the 400 million dollar Toys’R’Us debt. In addition the hosts will share their Toy Run experience from the past week and give a detailed overview of all the Star Wars action figure news which has come out. Listen now and subscribe!

Toy Run

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Luke & Rey (The Black Series 6" SDCC 2017) Now In The Database!

9/16/2017 The Black Series Hasbro San Diego Comic Con

You can now find the San Diego Comic Con 2017 exclusive 2-pack of The Black Series 6" line with Luke Skywalker (Jedi Master) and Rey (Jedi Training) in the database. You can learn more about each figure here:

Luke Skywalker (Jedi Master)

Rey (Jedi Training)

Luke Skywalker and Rey


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Hascon 2017 - New Figures In Display Case!

9/10/2017 Hascon The Last Jedi Hasbro

Thanks to Toy Run listener and Toy Run community member Chris Benjamin (Insta: Obis_toybox) for snapping some pictures for us of up-coming 3.75" Star Wars figures on display at Hascon 2017, take a look below!

Side note, Baze and Chirrut will be released in a 2-pack, this time around both figures will be Force Link enabled. 

Hascon Star Wars 2017

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The Diorama At Hascon 2017

9/9/2017 Hascon Hasbro The Black Series

Here are some images taken by Toy Run community members Chris "Obiwan" Benjamin (Insta: Obis_toybox) and Scott Steiner. Thank you to both for sharing some images of the Star Wars action figure diorama at Hascon, check them out below!


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News From Hascon 2017!

9/8/2017 Hascon The Vintage Collection The Last Jedi

Toy Run listener and T.R. Nation community member Scott Steiner has shared some images from Hasbro's panel at HASCON! The images show the final carded versions for The Vintage Collection, including. Rey, Kylo Ren, First Order Stormtrooper, Jyn Erso and Hoth Rebel Trooper. In addition Hasbro showed a super articulated Supreme Leader Snoke figure which will be part of the Vintage Collection. Hasbro also showed their Black Series role play Darth Vader helmet, which looks stunning! Furthermore Hasbro showed new The Last Jedi 5POA figures which are Force Link enabled, the figures shown were Luke Skywalker (Jedi Exile), DJ (Canto Bight), Rey (Island Journey), R2-D2 (with booster rockets), General Leia Organa, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Yoda and Rose with BB-8 and BB-9E. We'll update this post if more news makes it out of the panel, for now check out the images by Scott Steiner below: 


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Buy 1 Get 1 Free Black Series 6" At Toys'R'Us

9/4/2017 Toys'R'Us Force Friday II The Black Series

Just right after Force Friday weekend Toys'R'Us has put The Black Series 6" figures on sale! If you buy one you will get one free and they will honor purchases from the past weekend. So head on over to your local Toys'R'Us, pull out your phone and show them your receipt, and then pick out some more Black Series 6" figures for free! The deal is good until September 17, happy hunting!

Star wars the black series

Star wars the black series

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Toy Run - The Star Wars Action Figure Cast - Episode 76

9/4/2017 Toy Run Podcast

On this week’s episode of Toy Run, Criz Bee and Jake Stevens share their Force Friday II experiences and discuss the onslaught of Star Wars action figure announcements over the past weekend by Bandai, Disney and Hasbro. In addition to a detailed look at every announced exclusive Star Wars figure, the hosts share their thoughts about the Force Link functionality, make sure to listen now and subscribe to episode 76 of Toy Run!

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Disney Elite Series Die Cast Schedule

9/2/2017 Disney Disney Elite Series The Last Jedi

The Disneystore has released the official schedule for their Star Wars Die Cast 6.5" line of figures. Rey (Jedi Training), Luke Skywalker (Jedi Master), Elite Praetorian Guard, R2-D2 and the Stormtrooper Executioner have already been released, but there is more! Coming up next are: 

October 27 - Chewbacca with Porg

October 31 - Finn 

November 7 - Poe Dameron

November 14 - Rose Tico

November 21 - C-3PO

November 28 - Captain Phasma

December 5 - Supreme Leader Snoke

Disney Elite Star Wars The Last Jedi

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Star Wars Figures At Barnes'N'Noble

9/2/2017 The Last Jedi Force Friday II Hasbro

Here are some pictures of Barnes'N'Noble's display for The Last Jedi Force Friday release! Basic 3.75" The Last Jedi figures were priced at $7.99 and The Black Series 6" figures were $19.99. Check out the pictures below!

The Last Jedi @ Barnes N Noble

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Walmart's 3.75" Super Articulated Figures Found Already!

9/2/2017 The Last Jedi The Black Series Hasbro

Chris Hamilton and Danny Rojas have found new The Last Jedi 3.75" super articulated figures at their Walmart stores in Forida and California. The case includes 3 of each figure, which are Luke Skywalker (Jedi Master), First Order Stormtrooper Executioner and the Praetorian Guard. Keep in mind that the street date for those figures is November 1st, 2017. Check out the pics below and good luck on your Toy Runs!

The Last Jedi New

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A Look At Hasbro's The Last Jedi Promo Box

9/2/2017 The Last Jedi Hasbro The Black Series


Hasbro has sent out a promo box full of Star Wars toy goodness! Have a look below for all the details!

The Last Jedi ToysHasbro The Last Jedi

Thank you to Hasbro for sending this package our way!

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8/31/2017 Force Friday II The Last Jedi

Just like in the past few years we are gathering your FORCE FRIDAY pictures here on J.B.! Post them in the comments please and let us know what you picked up and found on your toy runs! We'll gather all the pictures and create a photo gallery once the event is over! Here is a look at the Force Friday 2015 photo gallery!


Post your Force Friday pictures!


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