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Star Wars Jedi Council Sets

published on June 15, 2014

2003 Jedi Council Sets

In 2003 during the Star Wars SAGA series, Hasbro released two different Jedi Council sets for $19.99 each. The sets included three Star Wars figures, a Jedi Council floor and two Jedi Council chairs for the figures to sit on. The packaging contained a Coruscant cardboard backdrop which could be cut out and be placed into a slot located in the back of the floor. Unfortunately, the backdrop was identical for every Jedi Council 3-pack which looked awkward when a full set was assembled.

Jedi Council Sets 1 and 2

Besides the included figures, set #1 was slightly different from the second set, because it included a small hologram of an unidentified Jedi Knight which was permanently attached via a stand to the Jedi Council floor. Each of these sets came with two chairs and a base.

2004 Jedi Council Sets

In 2004 Hasbro continued the Jedi Council Screen Scene sets with four additional 3-packs, which completed the entire Jedi Council. Three out of the four sets included figures from The Phantom Menace, but set #4 included figures based on Attack Of The Clones.

Jedi Council Sets 1, 2, 3 and 4

Each of these sets came with two chairs and two floor pieces (a base and an additional middle floor piece).

The Jedi Council Fully Assembled

When all six Jedi Council sets were placed together it looked like this:

Jedi Council Sets

Jedi Council Members And Recommended Figures

In order to get your Jedi Council display right we've listed all the members below based on the movie. In addition to the list of members we've added a recommendation which we consider upgrades to the already included figures.

The Phantom Menace

Attack Of The Clones

Revenge Of The Sith

Jedi Council Sets

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