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Shadow Scout | Imperial Shadow Squadron

Posted: 10-30-2014 Imperial Shadow Squadron 2-pack

15,000 Star Wars Action Figures On Display!

Posted: 10-29-2014
The Ultimate Star Wars Action Figure Collection

Hardcore collector and co-host of the Galaxy Of Toys podcast, Ryan Beise, has approximately 15,000 Star Wars action figures on display. Earlier this year we had the chance to visit his place and take some pictures of his collection. His displays are arranged in a variety of ways, from character focuses to movie scenes, he's got it all! Now take your time and look through his incredible collection: The Ultimate Star Wars Action Figure Collection

Sandtrooper #1 | The Black Series | 6 inch

Posted: 10-29-2014

Here is a look at the brand new Sandtrooper 6 inch scale figure from The Black Series, have a look here: Sandtrooper The Black Series.

Character Focus: STARKILLER (Galen Marek)

Posted: 10-28-2014

A Look At Mandalorian Warriors!

Posted: 10-28-2014 Mandalorian Warriors

During the five year run of The Clone Wars toy line from 2008 - 2013 Hasbro released one single carded Mandalorian Warrior, a Mandalorian Warrior with Mandalorian Speeder, a Mandalorian Warrior 4-pack and the Death Watch leader Pre Viszla.

In addition to the figures and the Mandalorian Speeder, Hasbro released a hard-to-find-in-stores Mandalorian Assault Transport vehicle. Here is a look at these fan-favorite figures and what differentiates them from one another.

Yoda | 1980 | Vintage

Posted: 10-27-2014

Here is a look at Jedi Master YODA from the 1980 vintage line. Take a trip back in time and have a look at this very happy looking Jedi Master!

Yoda Figure - The Jedi MasterYoda Figure - The Jedi MasterYoda Figure - The Jedi MasterYoda Figure - The Jedi MasterYoda Figure - The Jedi MasterYoda Figure - The Jedi Master
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