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New Figures Revealed!

Posted: 01-24-2015

Amazon exclusive at TRU?

Posted: 01-24-2015

SW Figures Set To Sell $112.650,00 Plus

Posted: 01-22-2015

Restoring Slave I

Posted: 01-19-2015

We Support Star Wars Celebration!

Posted: 01-15-2015
Star Wars Celebration Anaheim

Character Focus: EWOKS!

Posted: 01-12-2015
Chief Chirpa, Return Of The Jedi Chief Chirpa, Star Wars: Ewoks Nippet, Return Of The Jedi Stemzee, Ewok 2-pack With Ewok Assault Catapult Wunka, Ewok Scouts Wicket, Battle Of Endor

New Information About Up-Coming Figures!

Posted: 01-08-2015

JediNews revealed TFA merchandise release date

Posted: 01-07-2015
new reveals!

Commander Colt | The Clone Wars 2011 | #52

Posted: 01-06-2015
Commander Colt Figure - Clone WarsCommander Colt Figure - Clone WarsCommander Colt Figure - Clone WarsCommander Colt Figure - Clone WarsCommander Colt Figure - Clone WarsCommander Colt Figure - Clone Wars

Hasbro's TFA Product Rundown

Posted: 01-05-2015

The best news from this report is the confirmation of 3 3/4 inch figures, after some fear that Hasbro might go 2 inch for new Star Wars figures, following their Avengers 2 - Age Of Ultron model.

Princess Leia Organa Review
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