A Look Back At Star Wars in 2008

A Quick Summary

Hasbro in 2008

Vintage Star Wars Extravaganza

Gentle Giant

Props And Star Wars Replicas

Local Star Wars Groups in Seattle

What's next for Star Wars Action Figures in 2009?

  • EpIV (8 figures in Spring)
  • EpV (6 figures in Spring)
  • EpVI (8 figures in Spring)
  • EpIV (8 figures in the Fall)
  • EpI (6 figures in the Fall)
  • EpIII (6 figures in the Fall)
  • EpV (6 figures in the Fall)
  • EU Wave (6 figures in early 2010)

Some of the REALISTIC style figures we know of are:

Some of the ANIMATED style figures we know of are:

Other confirmed figures/sets:

  • Wal-Mart exclusive Droid Factory 2-packs (follow up to last year's 2-packs)
  • Commando Battle Pack
  • Evolution 3pack Rebel Pilots with John D. Brannon (Red 4, Battle of Yavin), Jake Farrell (Green Squadron Commander, Battle of Endor), Shira Brie (EU)
  • Target will have another 2-pack exclusive assortment
  • Stormtrooper Commander (SDCC exclusive)

The Concept Figures will return in 2009 based on drawings by:

  • McQuarrie
  • Johnston
  • Jun
  • Thompson

So, is Star Wars forever?

So, what's next for Star Wars in general?

Star Wars Toy Lines

Star Wars Revenge Of The Sith
Star Wars Shadow Of The Dark Side
Star Wars The Black Series 3 3/4 inch