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Nik Sant (Shield Generator) , The Legacy Collection, 2008

Nik Sant Figure - Shield Generator
3 3/4 inch
Nik Sant Figure - Shield Generator
Nik Sant Figure - Shield Generator
Nik Sant Figure - Shield Generator
Nik Sant Figure - Shield Generator
Nik Sant Figure - Shield Generator
Nik Sant Figure - Shield Generator

Nik Sant (Shield Generator)

  • Toy Line: The Legacy Collection
  • Retailer Exclusive: No
  • Variation Pictured: No
  • Date Stamp: 2005
  • Released: 2008

Packaging Text

As the fighting between Rebels, Ewoks and stormtroopers surges around them, Han Solo and Princess Leia try to get inside the Imperial bunker that controls the shield generator. The second Death Star can’t be destroyed until Han and Leia shut down the generator that’s protecting it. R2-D2 starts to unlock the blast doors, but a stormtrooper’s well-aimed shot fries the droid’s circuits. All seems lost until Chewbacca arrives in an AT-AT walker he captured. Han uses the walker’s communications controls to trick Imperial officers into leaving the bunker. When the officers step outside, they are quickly surrounded by Rebels and Ewoks. Han can finally set thermal detonators to demolish the bunker and generator. There’s no turning back for Han Solo, the smuggler-turned-Rebel hero: his loyalty lies with the Rebels, and his heart belongs to Leia. Now, everything’s riding on his ability to destroy the generator – and Han isn’t about to let a squadron of stormtroopers get in his way. R2-D2 is always ready to aid his friends. The plucky astromech droid ignores blaster fire, focused totally on unlocking the bunker’s blast doors. He’s escaped trouble many times, but fate finally catches up with him, in the form of a stormtrooper’s lucky shot. Inside the bunker, Imperial officers receive a report that the Rebels are fleeing and help is needed to capture them. Relieved that the battle has turned in their favor, the officers quickly exit the bunker – and walk straight into a clever trap set by the Rebels. Some Rebel troopers on Endor disguise themselves in the uniforms of captured or fallen Imperial biker scouts. Their Imperial attire allows the Rebel troopers to infiltrate the enemy’s position and aid the Rebel forces trying to destroy the shield generator.

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