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Star Wars Q&A

Here are the answers to the questions we've sent in for July 2010.

Question 1

Q: Could you explain the rationale behind having cartoon Captain Rex on every Star Wars item including non-animated-style figures and vehicles (except single carded TVC)? We understand that you are trying to have all SW toys under "one big banner", but don't you think that this will confuse customers as to what style of toy (animated vs. regular) they are buying?

A: The packaging direction (for all licensees, not just Hasbro) was determined by Lucasfilm, and it was driven by a need to have uniformity across the line. There is no one solution that would have worked well for everything. Since the line has a greater contingent of Clone Wars-related toys than movie-related toys, and many other licensees focus exclusively on the Clone Wars, it makes sense to pick a Clone Wars icon as the face of the entire line. As for customers getting confused, we think that that is a valid point and may cause consumers to have to spend a little bit more when faced with a choice at the shelf to make sure that they are getting the right thing for their kids.

Question 2

Q: Cantina aliens and Jabba's Palace denizens are gradually being released, but how about characters from the Outlander Club from Episode 2? Are any in the pipeline for release in 2011?

A: There are none in the pipeline. This scene just doesn't have the gravitas that either the EpIV Cantina scene of EpVI Jabba Palace/skiff scene seem to have. When faced with deciding how to best fill our precious few slots devoted to some of the more obscure aliens, we will be sticking to the OTC for the foreseeable future.

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