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Star Wars Q&A

Here are the answers to the questions we've sent in for November 2010.

Question 1

Q: Thank you so much for releasing the Target exclusive Attack and Defense of Hoth ultra battle packs, they are fantastic!! I was wondering what the AT-ST figure in the Attack On Hoth set is based on. We never saw this character in The Empire Strikes Back, and the ones seen in Jedi don't seem to have a harness. Is this figure based on behind the scenes photos for ESB or did I miss him in Jedi?

A: The harness is actually seen on-screen on Endor in EpVI, along with reference we have available from Lucasfilm. You will have to look again carefully (hey, who doesn't need an excuse to watch any of the films again?). We're glad you enjoy this new take on a troop builder along with the sets. They did come out great and we're scrambling to get more ourselves for our own battle building.

Question 2

Q: We've gotten a lot of great Empire Strikes Back figures/vehicles this year, and the vintage packaging is the icing on the cake! I was wondering when we'll see the first vehicles based on the original Star Wars movie in vintage packaging? And can you give us a hint as to what vehicle it might be?

A: This year gave us a good opportunity to show that vehicles in Vintage packaging could do well in addition to figures. Based on the apparent response, we are planning to continue this in future years. It's too early to reveal what those vehicles might be - or what packaging they might appear in. We are likely to have updates around Comic Con timing next year.

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