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Star Wars Q&A

Here are the answers to the questions we've sent in for October 2010.

Question 1

Q: Why did you make one of the most asked for OT resculpts (Jabba The Hutt) a Wal-Mart exclusive? The demand for this piece is high and has been for years. So why did you opt for a one store exclusive instead of making it widely available?

A: Great question. The reason is that we do not have an assortment above the $24.99 Starfighter Vehicles, so there was no "home" for him. Next you might ask "Well, why not just do him as a stand-alone item?" At that point, the volume expectations go way, way up since it's expected that any item we do has to hit a certain level of volume and stay on the shelves close to 12 months. As cool as Jabba is, he cannot sustain the productivity of an assortment like this, and there was no other great things that we could complement him with to make it an assortment. The only way to bring it to retail at all was as an exclusive, and Wal-Mart was a very willing partner.

Question 2

Q: We noticed that there are still figures being released, which have differently colored ankle joints from the actual outfit/boots. Like the most recent vintage ROTS Obi-Wan, or the Toys'R'Us exclusive cadet Boba Fett from the Slave 1 Ultimate Battlepack. There you have two fantastic figures, with great head sculpts and fantastic likeness to the actual characters, but then you look at the ankles/boots, and it just looks off. Boba almost looks like as if he's wearing red socks. Is this something that Team Hasbro is aware of and is looking into correcting, or is this something we'll have to live with?

A: In order to control our tooling budgets, our vendors often decide which parts are tooled with which others for economy. As a result, it may mean the pins have different colors or needed to be painted to match molded parts, which can be tricky. It's something we're aware of, but we need to tolerate on occasion to get everything done the way we need it to be to hit targets.

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