Toy Run - The Star Wars Action Figure Cast

Toy Run - The Star Wars Action Figure cast is a weekly podcast produced by The hosts, Criz Bee and Jake Stevens ( have a combined experience of over 60 years of playing with and collecting Star Wars action figures. The show features news, discussions, interviews, reviews and event coverage. Toy Run can be downloaded for free on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher or Podbean (can be accessed through: New episodes will also be made available here on

Episode Air Date Title Guest
Episode 1 3/8/2016 Reminiscing with Gus Lopez Gus Lopez
Episode 2 3/18/2016 Unboxing Chris Pirillo’s Love for Star Wars Chris Pirillo
Episode 3 3/25/2016 The Super Articulation of Dan Curto Part I Dan Curto
Episode 4 4/1/2016 Star Wars Rebels Action Figures & Dan Curto Part 2 Dan Curto
Episode 5 4/8/2016 Opening Chris Fawcett's Jedi Toy Box Chris Fawcett
Episode 6 4/15/2016 Yakking About Star Wars With Jayson Krebsbach Jayson Krebsbach
Episode 7 4/22/2016 Rumored Rogue One Roundtable with Jason Luttrull Jason Luttrull
Episode 8 4/29/2016 This Week in Matt Fox’s Star Wars Figure Collection Matt Fox
Episode 9 5/6/2016 How Many Rey Figures Were There Really? None
Episode 10 5/13/2016 World Record Collector Steve Sansweet and his Fantastic Rancho Obi-Wan Steve Sansweet
Episode 11 5/20/2016 The Customizing World Of Stephen Hayford Stephen Hayford
Episode 12 5/27/2016 Thoughts on the Hobby from Paul Harrison of Paul Harrison
Episode 13 6/3/2016 Hasbro Rewind - Celebration Interviews 2015 Edition None
Episode 14 6/10/2016 Brian Fulton - To Customize Or Not To Customize 5POAs Brian Fulton
Episode 15 6/17/2016 Geeking Out With StarGeek StarGeek
Episode 16 6/24/2016 Meet Steve Evans, Hasbro’s Star Wars Design Director! Steve Evans
Episode 17 7/1/2016 Bill McBride - Owner Of The Largest Darth Vader Collection On The Planet Bill McBride
Episode 18 7/8/2016 Your Celebration Europe Action Figure Survival Kit None
Episode 19 7/15/2016 S.H. Figuarts Special & Fan’s Choice Roundtable with and Jayson Krebsbach, Paul Harrison
Episode 20 7/21/2016 The Star Wars Celebration Europe 2016 Re-Cap! None
Episode 21 7/29/2016 The San Diego Comic Con Re-Cap! Dan Curto & FlyGuy
Episode 22 8/5/2016 An Overview Of 6-Inch Star Wars Figures! None
Episode 23 8/12/2016 The Rebel Force Has Penetrated The Shield With Jimmy Mac! Jimmy Mac
Episode 24 8/19/2016 Growing Up Star Wars With Tom Berges Tom Berges
Episode 25 8/26/2016 First Order Transmissions With Corey Corey VanDyke
Episode 26 9/2/2016 Let's Go Rogue! None
Episode 27 9/9/2016 Let’s Go Rogue Part 2! None
Episode 28 9/23/2016 Going Rogue In The City Of Roses! Matt Fox
Episode 29 9/30/2016 Rogue Friday Hangover! Chris Pirillo, Stargeek, John Adams
Episode 30 10/7/2016 Rogue Friday World-Wide Gil Garcia, Adam Giles, Mark Newbold and more ...
Episode 31 10/14/2016 NYCC 2016 Reveals And Jimmy Mac Jimmy Mac
Episode 32 10/21/2016 The OTHER Rogue One Figures None
Episode 33 10/28/2016 Rogue One 5 POA Review Time Jason Luttrull, Ryan Beise
Episode 34 11/4/2016 Movie Lines Past, Present and Future None
Episode 35 11/11/2016 Collecting Astromech Droids With Lee Towersey Lee Towersey
Episode 36 11/18/2016 Kenner Photography With Kim Simmons Kim Simmons
Episode 37 11/25/2016 Star Wars Toys In Black Friday Ads None
Episode 38 12/2/2016 T.R. Is Going Rogue! None
Episode 39 12/9/2016 The Vehicles of Rogue One None
Episode 40 12/23/2016 A Rogue One Review Roundtable Gus Lopez, Tom Berges
Episode 41 1/6/2017 So Long Princess Jayson Krebsbach
Episode 42 1/13/2017 The 30th Anniversary Of Star Tours None
Episode 43 1/20/2017 The ‘Chive Cast’s Stephen B-Wing Danley Stephen Danley
Episode 44 1/27/2017 Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the Special Editions! None
Episode 45 2/3/2017 News, Rumors And Rogue One Figure Reviews None
Episode 46 2/10/2017 Figures and Autographs and Stocks! Oh my! None
Episode 47 2/17/2017 The State of the Hobby with Yodasnews’ Mark Picirilli Mark Picirilli
Episode 48 2/24/2017 Toy Fair ‘17 Recap Show with Galaxy of Toys Jason Luttrull,Tom Berges,Ryan Beise,Chris Pirillo
Episode 49 3/3/2017 Frank D’Iorio from Frank D'Iorio
Episode 50 3/10/2017 TOY RUN Goes To Emerald City Comic Con None
Episode 51 3/17/2017 Figure Talk With Victoria’s Cantina! Victoria From Victoria's Cantina
Episode 52 3/24/2017 Hasbro Subscription Service? None
Episode 53 3/31/2017 Collecting Track Insights With Gus Lopez Gus Lopez, Peter Davis, Richard Hutchinson, Mark N
Episode 54 4/7/2017 The One Before Celebration Orlando None
Episode 55 4/20/2017 Hasbro’s Star Wars Celebration Panel Live None
Episode 56 4/21/2017 Star Wars Celebration Round-Up Part 1 None
Episode 57 4/28/2017 Star Wars Celebration Round-Up Part 2 None
Episode 58 5/5/2017 Rogue One Wave 4 Review Show None
Episode 59 5/12/2017 A Galaxy of Action Figure Savings Philip Reed
Episode 60 5/19/2017 Blasting Retro With Michael French Michael French
Episode 61 5/25/2017 Celebrating 40 Years of Star Wars Various Guests
Episode 62 6/2/2017 Star Wars Insights With Dan Madsen Dan Madsen
Episode 63 6/9/2017 Star Wars Titanium Action Figures - Then and Now None
Episode 64 6/16/2017 Creatures In The Star Wars Action Figure Line None
Episode 65 6/23/2017 40th ILM Reunion Party & Hunting SW Collectibles In Southeast Asia With Gus Lopez Gus Lopez
Episode 66 6/30/2017 Han Solo Retrospective None
Episode 67 7/14/2017 News And Display Options With Tom Berges Jason Luttrull, Tom Berges
Episode 68 7/21/2017 The One Before San Diego Comic Con 2017 None
Episode 69 7/25/2017 The Hasbro Star Wars Panel At SDCC 2017 None
Episode 70 7/26/2017 Hasbro Star Wars Brand Team Interviews At SDCC 2017 Joe Ninivaggi, Steve Evans
Episode 71 7/28/2017 SDCC ‘17 Roundtable Recap Jason Luttrull, Ryan Beise
Episode 72 8/4/2017 The Panama Leaks None
Episode 73 8/11/2017 More The Last Jedi Leaks None
Episode 74 8/17/2017 Leaked Playsets and 6” and Titaniums, Oh My! None
Episode 75 8/25/2017 Force Friday II Break-down None
Episode 76 9/4/2017 Our Force Friday 2 Experiences & A Look At All Announcements None
Episode 77 9/15/2017 HASCON 2017 & NEWS None
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