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We've taken a close look at every single Star Wars Black Series 6" figure released in 2018, we took pictures of every figure from every angle, we wrote down what we liked about each one and what we didn't like, we discussed every database entry with you, our readers, and we talked about most of them on our Toy Run podcast. The images below are all click-able, so you can get to each database entry and learn more about each figure. You can also go back and look at our TOP 10 Black Series Figures From 2016 and our TOP 10 Black Series Figures from 2017. So here are our favorite TOP 10 Black Series Star Wars figures from 2018!

10) Rio Durant

Rio Durant was released just recently but he has become one of our favorite Black Series figures in 2018. Hasbro gave the figure four movable arms, four movable elbows and four movable wrists, but most importantly the figure has the correct height and just looks like the character from the movie. It has a working holster, comes with two blasters and removable goggles. It's an overall well executed figure and the Ardennian compliments Beckett's crew perfectly on a shelf! We also think that you can't have enough aliens on display so having Rio Durant be released was a very welcome addition to the collection. 

9) Moloch

One of the coolest aliens from SOLO: A Star Wars Story (and all of Disney era movies) is MOLOCH, and Hasbro's Black Series 6" version turned out beautifully! This is a very tall and big figure with a ton of detail worked into it. The face mask can be pulled out or be placed onto the face (just like in the movie) and the figure has a working holster, it comes with a blaster and the staff has the 48 souls (Moloch's victims) sculpted onto it. Having Moloch displayed on a shelf and seeing how much bigger he is than a regular Black Series figure is impressive. This version of Moloch, without a doubt, belongs in the TOP 10 figures for 2018. 

8) Grand Moff Tarkin With IT-O Droid

Grand Moff Tarkin was a much needed figure to be released and in 2018 it finally made it onto collector's display shelves. The likeness of the Black Series figure in comparison to actor Peter Cushing is truly stunning. As an added bonus Hasbro included the interrogation droid from A New Hope together with a display stand. Having Tarkin in the collection gives collectors the opportunity to finish entire displays based on ANH as Hasbro has already released a basic Stormtrooper, Darth Vader and Death Squad Troopers along with other figures which could be used. 

The IT-O Droid was included with Grand Moff Tarkin at no additional cost.

7) Range Trooper

Even though Range Troopers only showed up for a few moments in SOLO: A Star Wars Story, they became a favorite trooper design here at J.B. instantly. The Black Series figure captures the look of the trooper very well, it has fur around the neck, the helmet design is spot on, the details on the gravitational boots are impressive, it all looks great and makes for a fantastic troop builder figure. Best of all, Amazon has the figure currently for less than $11 in stock! Even though the blaster rifle should have been white instead of black, we still think that the Range Trooper looks outstanding and belongs in the TOP 10 figures for 2018.

6) Rey (Island Journey)

This version of Rey was in the first wave of Black Series figures in early 2018, which for the first time featured Hasbro's brand new photo real face printing technology, and we were blown away by the results. The figure's sculpt looks outstanding and Hasbro included a soft-goods poncho which fits nicely onto the figure without feeling overly bulky. Add a lightsaber, a staff, a removable vest, a working holster and a blaster and you have a well rounded and great looking version of Rey on the shelf. This is a truly fantastic figure and belongs in every serious Black Series collection. 

Rey, Island Journey

5) Rebel Fleet Trooper

This Rebel Fleet Trooper was much needed. It gave us collectors the opportunity to build out the cool looking Darth Vader Centerpiece diorama and of course they make great background characters for any ANH inspired Rebel display. The great thing about this figure is that the helmet is removable so if you were to army-build this figure for your collection you can have them displayed differently. The holster is functional, Hasbro included the Death Star plans and they gave the face the photo real face printing treatment! This is an all around great looking figure. 

4) Enfys Nest With Swoop Bike

What's an Enfys Nest? Well, it's a great looking Black Series figure which came with a very impressive Swoop Bike! The figure itself looks (removable fur, great looking helmet) outstanding (unfortunately the helmet isn't removable) and combined with the included Swoop Bike this set makes for a very impressive display piece. The details found on the Swoop Bike, in particular on the engine parts, look great and at a length of about 19" (48cm) the set is a centerpiece on the shelf. 

Enfys Nest, With Swoop Bike Speeder

3) General Veers

The Walgreens exclusive General Veers figure is among our favorite Black Series figures in 2018. The head sculpt and the face printing tech on the face look incredibly life-like. Interesting here is that Hasbro included snap-on armor which lets us re-create General Veers from during the Battle Of Hoth or if you choose, you can have the figure displayed in his regular Imperial outfit. If you were to purchase two of this figure you can make them look quite different from one another on a shelf. It's amazing to us that Hasbro was able to make the snap-on armor look natural without making it feel blocky or bulky.

2) Sandtrooper With Dewback

Even though Hasbro re-used the Sandtrooper sculpt from five years ago for this figure we think that the entire set together with the Dewback looks brilliant on display. If you love Sandtroopers, the Empire and the original Star Wars, then this set should be in your collection. The weathering on the armor, the blaster rifle, the removable backpack and the grey shoulder pauldron, the lance, it all adds to a fantastic looking display. Hasbro even articulated the Dewback's mouth so that you can display it in different positions.

Sandtrooper, With Dewback

1) Gamorrean Guard

Here it is, our favorite Black Series Star Wars figure for 2018, the Gamorrean Guard! The sculpt looks outstanding and the figure captures the likeness of Jabba's Palace guards perfectly. The height, the overall dimensions, it all appears to be just right. Hasbro included three different weapons with the piggy so that if you army build him he could be displayed differently. All the weapons fit well, there are no balancing issues, the mouth is articulated, the fur on the body looks nice, it all adds up to a brilliant looking representation of the character from Return Of The Jedi. 

Gamorrean Guard, Return Of The Jedi

So, there you have it. What do you think? What's your favorite figure from The Black Series in 2018? Let us know in the comments!

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