Mando Monday Kicks Off With A BANG - A Summary!

10/26/2020 Mando Monday The Mandalorian

Disney/Lucasfilm kicked off Mando Monday this morning with a bang by revealing a ton of new Star Wars action figures on their YouTube channel! They revealed the 3 3/4" Retro Collection action figure lined based on the Mandalorian, a new 6" Black Series figure of the Mandalorian, a Black Series 6" Scout Trooper with Child set, a look at the Mandalorian with Child in The Vintage Collection,  a look at the painted Razor Crest and the painted versions of the Razor Crest exclusive Mandalorian with Child figures. Let's take a closer look!

Star Wars The Retro Collection Based On The Mandalorian

The Star Wars: The Retro Collection will continue with all new figures based on the Mandalorian.  The figures will be sculpted in a 70's and 80's style, and they will be released on a Kenner-inspired cardback. The figures looked great and they'll expand the current line of figures from Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back. Carded versions of the figures weren't shown. Besides single carded figures there will also be a Monopoly game with an exclusive figure, here is a breakdown:

  • Retro Collection Grief Carga
  • Retro Collection The Child
  • Retro Collection The Mandalorian
  • Retro Collection Cara Dune
  • Retro Collection Kuill
  • Retro Collection Moff Gideon
  • Retro Collection IG-11
  • Retro Collection Remnant Stormtrooper (exclusive to Hasbro Pulse and

Star Wars Retro Collection Mandalorian

The Vintage Collection 3 3/4"

  • The Mandalorian with The Child build-up pack (Walmart exclusive)
  • The Armorer
  • Moff Gideon

Besides new announcements, Disney/Lucasfilm also gave us a look at the fully painted Razor Crest, along with the Child and Mandalorian figures which are exclusive to the set. This however needs its own update so check back on J.B. for a closer look at that. 

Mando Monday Vintage Collection

Razor Crest TVC

The Black Series 6"

  • Din Djarin/The Child 2-pack Build-Up Set (Target exclusive)
  • Biker Scout/The Child/Speeder Bike set (Amazon exclusive)

Mando Monday Black Series Reveals

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