New TVC Figures Hitting Target Apparently

2/13/2021 The Vintage Collection

J.B. reader Michael Nadiger has sent in word that the latest wave of Vintage Collection figures of Grogu, Boba Fett and the rest of the wave (Greef Karga, Leia Bespin Escape etc...) are now hitting Target stores. He bought the figures on Ebay from a seller located in Arizona. Make sure to keep your eyes open and stay on Target for those new TVC figures!

Originally Boba Fett was supposed to have an orange background color behind the name (a mistake, and Hasbro announced that it would be changed to yellow), but seeing that the very first sample has a yellow background already it's unclear if we'll actually see the figure with an orange background at all. 

You can still get a full case of the new wave at Entertainment Earth (sponsored), or single versions of Boba Fett and Grogu.

Thanks for reporting in Michael!

New TVC figures found

New TVC figures found

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