JBT - Now On YouTube!

2/26/2021 JBT Jedi Business Talk

J.B.T. - Jedi Business Talk - The Star Wars Action Figure podcast is now available on YouTube, please subscribe! You get the same free content which you get with the audio podcast, but with the visuals as well.

Episode #53 of JBT covers the exclusive Vintage Collection Fan Celebration reveals on JediBusiness.com,  Star Wars The Black Series 6" news, the Retro Collection bubble variation on Yoda, the 4th cargo shipment of Galaxy's Edge merch at ShopDisney, the Bad Batch, the Gina Carano controversy, the New York Toy Fair Awards and the SH Figuarts Heavy Infantry Mandalorian. Go listen to the podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and others, or watch the show on YouTube!

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