Donald Duck - Disney Star Wars Characters - 2010

Donald Duck explores his darker side as he portrays the Empire's stealth soldier, the Shadow Trooper. These soldiers originated in the early days of the Empire, wearing cloaking armor that allowed them to disappear into virtually any environment. Shadow Trooopers operated covertly, slipping quietly in and out of locations while gathering intelligence. With his advanced armor, Donald Duck can create mischief throughout the galaxy and then silently slip away to his next adventure.

Star Wars Celebration V is an event for fans produced by fans. It covers the entire Star Wars saga. With more than 30 years of movies, television, books, merchandise, and theme park attractions, there is much to celebrate! This action figure has been created exclusvively for Celebration V. Each piece is individually numbered with the edition size limited to 5000 units.

May the Force be with you!

Donald Duck 2010 Star Wars Celebration

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