Darth Vader - The Vintage Collection - 2019

Celebrate the legacy of Star Wars, the action-and-adventure-packed space saga from a galaxy far, far away, with this collection of premium, highly-detailed 3.75-inch scale figures and vehicles. (Each sold separately. Subject to availability).

Darth Vader

Featured Figures

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Battle Droid figure, tvcrereleases
Palpatine (Darth Sidious) figure, Episode1Basic2
Battle Droid figure, Episode1special
Commander Wolffe figure, CW2
Super Battle Droid figure, ROTSDeluxe
Baze Malbus figure, TheLastJedi2Pack
EV-9D9 figure, POTF2Basic2
Count Dooku figure, TCWDeluxe
Anakin Skywalker figure, ROTSBasic
Salacious Crumb figure, POTJDeluxe
Luke Skywalker figure, 6black2
Selig Kenjenn figure, SLB
Battle Droid figure, SAGADeluxe
Yoda figure, TACBasic2007
Senate Guard figure, potjbasic
Princess Leia Organa figure, POTF2Basicff
Zam Wesell figure, SAGA2002
Corran Horn figure, TLCDroidFactory2009
Lando Calrissian figure, tvctwobasic
R3-T7 figure, POTJSneak
Han Solo figure, esb40
Sandtrooper figure, bssixthreevehicles
Anakin Skywalker figure, ROTSBattleArena
Zorii Bliss figure, bssixthree