R2-D2 - Star Wars The Black Series 6" - 2017

Collect All 12 Star Wars Action Figures! Each sold separately. Subject to availability.

R2-D2 Star Wars

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Boss figure, SOTDSBattlepack
Luke Skywalker figure, TACSpecial
Stormtrooper figure, bscarbonized
Rey figure, bssixthreevehicles
Qui-Gon Jinn figure, SAGA2002
Kylo Ren figure, tvctwobasic
CB-3D figure, TLCDroidFactory2009
Paploo figure, TLC2
R5-P9 figure, SOTDSBattlepack
R2-D2 figure, Episode1Basic2
Darth Vader figure, goabasic
Weequay figure, POTF2Basic2
Clone Trooper figure, ROTSBasic
Ahsoka Tano figure, CW3
Battle Droid figure, SLM
Galen Marek figure, SOTDSBattlepack
Kitik Keed'kak figure, OTCScreenScene
Inferno Squad Agent figure, bssixthreeexclusive
Greedo figure, 6black2exclusive
Clone Trooper Waxer figure, TCWBattlepack
Clone Pilot figure, TVCExclusive
AT-ST Driver figure, POTF2Basic2
Hoth Rebel Trooper figure, TVC3-pack
Clone Trooper Thire figure, TCW2Packs