R2-D2 Revenge Of The Sith Revenge Of The Sith Collection



  • This R2-D2 was released individually carded
  • The figure is a re-work of the Star Wars SAGA R2-D2 (Coruscant Sentry) from 2002 but features different sound bites and a 2004 copyright date stamp
  • This R2-D2 was taken out of its packaging eight years after its release and the batteries were dead
  • Luckily there is a screw on the back which allows for the battery to be exchanged
  • R2's exhaust vents on the front of the body are a button and when pressed the droid will play various sound bites and the front eye will light up
  • Because of the electronics the dome can't be turned
  • The middle leg can't be taken off or moved into the body, so the droid will always be in a 3-legged position
  • There are no hidden panels or gadgets built-in
  • The bottom of the feet don't have wheels in them
  • The ankles can be adjusted and R2-D2 has no balancing issues
  • This very same R2-D2 figure was re-released by Hasbro one year later in 2006's Saga Collection: R2-D2 (Greatest Battles)


R2-D2 accompanies Padme to Mustafar as she tries to persuade Anakin to return to the side of good. The loyal astromech droid witnesses a tragedy that has monumental consequences for the galaxy.


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