Nerdist Revealed D23 Exclusive Star Wars Figures!

7/12/2017 Disney Elite Series Premium D23 Disney Elite Series

Disney will release three different 2-packs of Disney Elite Series Premium figures at D23. Nerdist revealed a detailed look at all the sets. Each 2-pack will feature one new Star Wars figure incl. Princess Leia in Hoth Outfit, Jyn Erso (Eadu) and Rey in Resistance Outfit. Disney also gave Kylo Ren the un-masked treatment, but Director Krennic and Darth Vader appear to be re-releases. Each set will cost $79.95 and are limited to 1000 pieces each. 

Disney Elite premium

Disney Die Cast Elite Star Wars Figures On DEEP Discount!

4/30/2017 Disney Disney Elite Series Die Cast Disney Elite Series Premium

If you like Disney's Elite Die Cast Star Wars action figures in the 6.5" scale you might want to visit your local Disney Store Outlet if you have one. They currently have all the Disney Elite Series Die Cast figures on deep discount at $5.99 each. Those figures usually cost $26.95 each ...  Our local store even had the recently released First Order Stormtrooper Squad Leader with white shoulder pauldron and the newly released Finn with lightsaber on shelves. The 11" Disney Elite Premium Series was also on discount for 50% off, which brought each of those figures down to around $17 each. 

Happy Hunting and check out the pictures from the Marysville, WA outlet store!