New In the Database: The Era Of The Force 8-Pack!

3/17/2018 The Last Jedi Hasbro Target

You can now find all eight figures from Hasbro's Era Of The Force 8-Pack in the database. The multipack was exclusive to Target stores and consisted of previously released figures. None of the figures are force link enabled, but Hasbro included display stands with them. Check 'em out: 

Darth Maul

Mace Windu

Obi-Wan Kenobi

Darth Vader

Master Yoda

Luke Skywalker (Endor)

Kylo Ren

Rey (Resistance Outfit)

Era Of The Force

Deep Discounts At Target Stores

1/26/2018 Target The Last Jedi Hasbro

Target stores across the United States keep lowering their prices for Star Wars toys. The latest finds include the Force Link enabled The Last Jedi Resistance Ski Speeder for as low as $11.98! Other finds include The Black Series Centerpieces for as low as $14.98! Make sure to stop by your local Target stores and have a look in the clearance section!

Target Star Wars

Target Star Wars

Target Star Wars

Target Has Slashed Prices On Exclusives!

12/29/2017 The Last Jedi Target Clearance

Target stores across the nation have slashed prices on their exclusive Star Wars action figures, incl. the Black Series 6" Stormtrooper Executioner from The Last Jedi and the multipack which features eight 3.75" Star Wars figures. They have also dropped the price on numerous other Star Wars items, have a look below!

Target Star Wars Clearance

Target Star Wars Clearance

Target Star Wars Clearance

Target Star Wars Clearance

Target Star Wars Clearance

Target Star Wars Clearance

Get Gift Cards At Target With Your Force Friday II Purchases!

8/28/2017 Force Friday II Target

Target's weekly ad is out and luckily they are having a special the week of Force Friday II! Spend $50 and get a $10 gift card, spend $100 and get a $25 gift card! Lego and clearance items are excluded. You can either pick up a weekly ad at the Target customer service desk or simply text FORCE10 or FORCE25 to 827438.

Force Friday Target

Force Friday at Target 2017

Target's Rogue One Home Release Aisle Display

3/26/2017 Rogue One Target Go Rogue

Target stores across the United States will have an aisle display which features Hasbro's role play lightsabers, Hasbro's 12" Star Wars figures and the Jedah Revolt 4-pack. The Jedha Revolt 4-pack includes new 3.75" Star Wars figures of Saw Gerrera, Edrio Two-Tubes and the Hovertank Pilot. The set also includes a re-release of Jyn Erso, the main protagonist from Rogue One!

The aisle display was found by Anthony who lives in Northern NJ. Thanks for the pictures Anthony!

Good luck on your Toy Runs!

Target Star Wars Aisle Display

Target Star Wars Aisle Display

Deep Clearance Prices At Target!

3/18/2017 Target Rogue One Clearance

Target keeps marking down Star Wars toys! We've come across Hasbro's Tie Striker vehicles for $11.98, Jakks Pacific Big Figs unmasked Kylo Ren vs. Rey for $13.48 and Jakks Pacific Big Figs 18" BB-8 with electronics for $14.99 each. Target had also marked down the Hot Wheels vehicle multipack to $14.98. 

Have you found any good deals lately? Post them in the comments please!

Star Wars at Target

Star Wars at Target

Star Wars at Target

Star Wars at Target

Star Wars at Target

New In The Database: Target Exclusive 8-Pack!

1/14/2017 Hasbro Target

You can now find the 2016/2017 Target exclusive 8-pack of Hasbro 3 3/4" figures in the database:

Darth Maul

Jango Fett

Obi-Wan Kenobi


Darth Vader

Luke Skywalker



Star Wars Target Multipack


Target Is Ready For Black Friday!

11/22/2016 Black Friday Target Hasbro

Stay on Target, literally! We've received several reports across the United States that Target stores are fullly stocked and loaded with wave 2 of Rogue One 3 3/4" figures and the Krennic/C-3PO/Stormtrooper Squad Leader 6" figures! Check out the pictures below!

Happy Hunting everybody and good luck!

Target's Star Wars Stock Before Black Friday 2016

Target's Star Wars Stock Before Black Friday 2016

Now In The Database: The Black Series Target Excl. 3-Pack

11/17/2016 Target The Black Series Hasbro

You can now find The Black Series 6" Target exclusive 3-pack with the Imperial Death Trooper Specialist, Captain Cassian Andor and Sergeant Jyn Erso in the database. For a closer look at each figure have a look at the individual entries please: 

Imperial Death Trooper Specialist

Captain Cassian Andor

Sergeant Jyn Erso (Jedha)


Target 8-Figure Gift Set In Stock At

11/1/2016 Target

The Target exclusive gift set with eight Star Wars action figures is currently in stock at Promo code KIDSGIFTS will give 20% off currently.

Star Wars Gift Set At 

The Holiday Toy Spectacular

10/27/2016 Target Rogue One GoRogue

Target has sent out their Holiday Toy Spectacular catalog. The advertising features a double page of Star Wars toys which highlights sales of the U-Wing ($44.99) and the Target exclusive 12" 6-pack ($44.99).

Target Exclusive 12" Rogue One Gift Set In-Stock!

10/25/2016 Target 12 inch Hasbro

The Target exclusive Star Wars Rogue One Action Figure 12" 6-Pack is currently in-stock on and they have shown up in stores as well.

Target Exclusive The Black Series 3-Pack Revealed!

10/2/2016 Hasbro Target Rogue One

Another reveal by today was the Target exclusive 3-pack with figures from the 6-inch The Black Series.